Travel and Arrival Information

From the airport

To the Riga Centre

Riga airport (RIX/ Lidosta) -> Riga Central Buss Station (30 minutes)
Bus 22

To the Conference Venue

Riga airport (RIX/ Lidosta)-> Kipsala Island
Mini bus No 241

Tickets can be bought inside the bus (2 Euro) or in the machines at the bus station or press kiosks (1.15 Euro). 

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To the airport

From the Riga Centre

Riga Central Buss Station -> Riga airport (RIX/ Lidosta)
Bus 22

From the Conference Venue

Kipsala island-> Riga airport (RIX/ Lidosta)
Mini bus No 241


The most convenient way to travel between the airport and the recommended hotels/venue is by taxi, which you can find on the 1st level (arrivals) outside the airport. 

We certainly recommend using Baltic Taxi (light green cars) or Red Cab Taxi (white cars), be aware of other brand taxi because they may charge overly high prices.