Our Venue

The conference venue

10th Eastern European Young Water Professionals Conference 2017 will be held at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering

Address: Fra Andrije Kačića-Miošića 26, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Venue Location


For more information about the Faculty of Civil Engineering click here.

The host city

Zagreb – city with a million hearts (official webpage)

The city of Zagreb, capital of Croatia, on the historic and political threshold between East and West, illustrates both the continental and Mediterranean spirit of the nation it spearheads. Zagreb is the cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative centre of the Republic of Croatia, and is home to the Croatian Parliament, Government and President. Its favourable location between the Pannonian plain, the edge of the Alps and the Dinaric range has allowed it to become a crossing point for mass international communication. The city is protected from the cold northern winds by the mountain of Medvednica and opens up to the rest of the world thanks to a spacious plain and the Sava river. Zagreb, with a population of nearly one million, contains almost a quarter of the entire population of Croatia.

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